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Australia’s first legitimate land-based casino was opened in 1973, and since then poker slot machines have become incredibly attractive to players across the country, they even got a slang-diminutive-luscious name “so far” which later spread to other gaming machines. The popularity of the board game itself has also increased, and in recent years in Australia several tournaments have been held, including the first World Series of Asian-Pacific Poker in 2013. It is not surprising that the types of online poker have also become popular (despite the weak regulation of the Law “On Interactive Gambling”), along with other “traditional” casino games, such as online blackjack and online roulette.
Australians use the services of online providers to legally place bets on various sports events, including jumps, rugby (National Rugby League), football and, of course, cricket. According to a 2007 poll by Sweeney Sports, 59% of Australians were interested in cricket more than any other sport. There are other major annual events in the world of sports betting, for example, the Grand Prix of Formula 1 in Australia, but Australian football is the most popular among the fans.
What can we say about the future of gambling in Australia? Much of the attention of Australian lawmakers in the field of gambling is aimed at regulating poker slot machines. Politicians called the development of anti-hamburging legislation a priority, and in an attempt to limit poker, they developed the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintroducing smart cards that will control the amount that a player can spend by pre-setting the limit amount of money that can be lost.
Under the circumstances, online casinos generally managed to avoid paying close attention to Australian legislatures, mainly due to the fact that they are beyond the real competence of the Parliament. And since the Government has previously decided not to legalize online poker and indoor gaming rates, contrary to the general expectations, the Australian gambler can continue to play online, rejoicing that it is not subject to the Law “On Online Gambling”.