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Australians are very venturesome people. Most of them, according to statistics, plays various games of chance on an ongoing basis. Experts note that the sharp increase in the number of people participating in gambling is associated with the booming development of online agencies in Australia, which account is up to 60% of the bets made in the country.
According to the latest polls conducted by Galaxy Research based on a survey of 1000 citizens, every 5th Australian regularly plays gambling. At the same time, 52% buy lottery tickets, 20% play in slot machines, 19% bet on races, 18% bet on bookmakers on the outcome of sports matches, 14% play in the casino.
On average, each player bets $ 3,100 per year. The study found that men play gambling more often than women. As Deborah Southton, executive director of Fox Symes, who ordered this sociological review, noted: “Many of the young people grew up in the Internet era, and they like it, and we have seen an increase in the number of people with gambling problems in the last four or five years online. ” “Yesterday we had one person who does not have any spendings on food and entertainment in bank reports, it all comes down to gambling and it is very disturbing.” – she added. Australian Prime Minister confirmed this month that the government would ban gambling advertising until 20:30, as well as during sports events. The only exceptions are lotteries and equestrian competitions.
In Australia, online gambling has evolved quite suddenly, since Australians have become interested in online casinos relatively recently. It must be said that the complete legalization of absolutely all casinos in Australia created such situation.
And this applies not only to online casinos, but also to ordinary land gambling establishments. However, virtual versions of gambling are undoubtedly dominant. After completing the research, the Australian authorities decided to impose a temporary ban on online casinos. The situation in this country is really out of control. Now all the money won and those that are simply in the virtual account of the players on the online casino sites should be transferred to cash.
Despite such critical cases, if you are a really true-hearted player and your only aim is to enjoy the gaming process – than the best solution for you are non-commercial platforms for gambling!
And according to the gambling’s popularity in Australia – there is a huge number of such online platforms!